Dall Sheep

Sheep hunting is not for the faint of heart, in all my life I have only met two kinds of sheep hunters, those who are absolutely addicted and those who swear they will never sheep hunt again. If you love remote, rugged and wild places, then Dall Sheep hunting might be the perfect hunt for you.

Species Overview:

Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli) are a member of the thin horn sheep family and are hands down one of my favorite sheep to hunt. Not only are they absolutely stunning to look at, but the country they call home is absolutely breathtaking. Dall Sheep can be found throughout the Mountains of Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Northern British Columbia.

Dall Sheep prefer open country where they can use their incredible eyesight to their advantage, so typically you will find them above treeline, on high alpine ridges, big grassy bowls and scree filled slopes and valleys.

Dall Sheep have become the entry point for those looking to go on a sheep hunt as they have maintained a lower price point on their hunts as compared to Stone Sheep, Bighorn Sheep, and Desert Bighorn Sheep.

Hunt Overview

We work with some fantastic Outfitters to offer you a number of Dall Sheep hunt options to fit your needs and capabilities. Dall Sheep hunts are typically 8-10 days in duration and are quite physical as the primary means of hunting them is backpack hunting on foot, which means you will be covering ground and hauling your camp along with you. However there are a few unique areas where we are able to offer float hunts for Dall Sheep, you still have to be in excellent shape to make the climb after them, but you won’t be packing your camp and all your hunting gear on your back day in and day out.

Food on most Dall Sheep hunts will be freeze-dried, with some trail mix, cheese, salami, make sure to bring instant coffee packets if you are a coffee drinker.

Price Ranges – Alaska Dall Sheep hunts range in price from $15,500 – $28,000 currently

Combo Opportunities – Most Dall Sheep hunts will have the opportunity for hunters to combo any of the following depending on the time of year and location – Moose, Caribou, Grizzly, and Black Bear. 

Brooks Range -Exclusive Guide Use


Our outfitting partner spent several years searching for a high-success moose hunting area. He found it.  Success is very high on this hunt. We are happy to discuss the details of this hunt with you.  



We are paid a consulting fee from our vetted outfitting partners.  We have the “boots on the ground” experience it takes to consult with our clients and offer them options.

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